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Abstract Title: W22 - Compton Scattering of Cs-137 Gamma Rays
Abstract: The Compton Scattering Experiment involves the fundamental understanding of the interaction of radiation with matter. It involves an understanding of the photoelectric effect, the Compton Effect, pair production, x-rays, and radiation decay schemes.  A comprehension of how matter interacts with radiation is also necessary to understand how radiation interacts with detectors and is measured. The processes studied are the same as those taking place in the detector.  Very important aspects of the Compton Scattering Experiment are that it involves the relativistic treatment of the scattering process and that the theory and analysis yield the rest energy of the electron.

During the workshop, scattering spectra and background spectra will be measured at various scattering angles to verify the Compton Scattering theory. This experiment is important as an entry point for studying the interaction of radiation with matter and learning about radiation detectors, energy analysis, and relativistic measurements.  It is important for the understanding of basic radiation measurements and sources of background radiation in nuclear physics experiments.  Skills acquired in performing experiments are:  (1) calibration and use of a multichannel analyzer, (2) use of an apparatus to measure the Compton Scattering of gamma rays from a cesium -237 source, and (3) analysis of results to determine the rest mass of the electron.
Abstract Type: Workshop

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Primary Contact: Jim Parks
University of Tennessee

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