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Sketching the History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics ` - Feb 25, 2008

This site gives a detailed timeline of the development
of thermal physics and statistical mechanics from
the ancient Greeks up to the present day.  The
user will recognize a lot of names that they may
not normally associate with thermal physics (e. g.

This Quantum World ` - Jan 23, 2008

This site is an overview of quantum physics, with an emphasis on some of the controversies associated with   quantum theory.  The site approaches the subject both from a conceptual/philosophical perspective as well as a mathematical one.

The Light Cone: an illuminating introduction to relativity ` - Nov 19, 2007

This site provides a good introduction to relativity, both special and general.  It starts from historical relativity and continues to current understanding, presented at an introductory level.

Archimedes Death Ray: Idea Feasibility Testing ` - Oct 18, 2007

This site gives details of the MIT effort to validate the idea of Archimedes' "death ray".  This idea was further explored on an episode of "MythBusters".

Flow Visualization ` - Sep 18, 2007

This site gives the results of a collaborative course between engineers and artists.  The pictures are pretty cool.

Benjamin Franklin and Electrostatics ` - Aug 20, 2007

This site provides a discussion of Franklin's work in electrostatics, with details of how to reproduce his work.  Some of the experiments might be good demonstrations for outreach activities.

Lunar Lander ` - Jun 18, 2007

This simulation is the classic lunar lander game, but it also contains a lot of discussion of Newtonian mechanics.

Open Source Physics: Quantum Mechanics ` - May 18, 2007

This site has lots of interesting Java applets to explore Quantum Mechanics.  The level of these applets is appropriate for intermediate or advanced undergraduate students.

Relativity on the World Wide Web ` - Apr 18, 2007

This site has links to relativity descriptions at a
conceptual level.  There are also links to more
mathematical descriptions.

Physics of Rainbows ` - Mar 19, 2007

This site is a discussion forum focusing on rainbows.  If you have ever wondered how rainbows work, and don't quite follow the discussions in textbooks, this is the place to go.

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