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The presentations listed below were presented at the 2014 Workshop on the Status of the Upper-Division Physics Curriculum. You may use the column headers to sort the presentations, or you may view the full program here.

  Name Primary Contact Session
  Development and Validation of an Upper-division Electrodynamics Conceptual Assessment Tool Qing Ryan Electromagnetism
  E&M Overview Steven Pollock Electromagnetism
  PER in Junior-level E&M: My General Approach + A Specific Example brant hinrichs Electromagnetism
  Revealing differences between curricula using the CUE Diagnostic Justyna P. Zwolak Electromagnetism
  The Geometry of Special Relativity Tevian Dray Electromagnetism
  The Geometry of Vector Calculus Tevian Dray Electromagnetism
  The Geometry of Vector Calculus -- and Special Relativity (short version) Tevian Dray Electromagnetism
  Tools for Educational Transformation in Upper-division Electricity and Magnetism Bethany Wilcox Electromagnetism
  Educational Transformation In Higher Education STEM Melissa Dancy Next Steps
  Spread of Interactive Engagement in a Physics Dept (5 minute version) Michael Dubson Next Steps
  Spread of Interactive Engagement in the Physics Dept Michael Dubson Next Steps
  The AAPT Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force: Genesis, Work, and Next Steps Ernie Behringer Next Steps
  Web-based dissemination and collaboration: The future of the PER User’s Guide Sarah "Sam" McKagan Next Steps
  From Spin-First Approach to Quantum Mechanics Concept Assessment (QMCA) Homeyra Sadaghiani Quantum Mechanics
  Improving Teaching and Learning of Quantum Mechanics Chandralekha Singh Quantum Mechanics
  Some observations from teaching in the Paradigms program Janet Tate Quantum Mechanics
  Tutorials in Physics: Quantum Mechanics Gina Passante Quantum Mechanics
  Connecting math with experiment in thermal physics David Roundy Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics
  Loverude Michael Loverude Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics
  Overview: Research on Student Learning of Thermal Physics David Meltzer Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics
  Research on the learning and teaching of upper-level thermal and statistical physics at the University of Maine John Thompson Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics
  Career Moments for Physics Students Erin De Pree Whole Curriculum
  Cueing and Question Reliability Joss Ives Whole Curriculum
  Curricular Objectives and Assessment Protocols for the Introductory Physics? Laboratory Juan R. Burciaga Whole Curriculum
  Improving Modern Physics Laboratories Manuel Bautista Whole Curriculum
  Integrating computation into the upper division David Roundy Whole Curriculum
  Mathematization as a framework for developing sense making in introductory physics Suzanne Brahmia Whole Curriculum
  Overview: Thinking Outside "The Course" Elizabeth Gire Whole Curriculum
  Raising Calculus to the Surface: Discovering geometric reasoning in multivariable calculus Aaron Wangberg Whole Curriculum
  SUPC - Just-in-Time Teaching - Jeff Loats Jeff Loats Whole Curriculum
  Transforming upper-division physics labs at the University of Colorado Boulder Benjamin Zwickl Whole Curriculum
  Using Physlets and Open Source Physics for Teaching Astronomy and Physics Mario Belloni Whole Curriculum
  Using research to investigate and enhance learning in intermediate mechanics Bradley S. Ambrose Whole Curriculum
  Video Assessments Andy Rundquist Whole Curriculum
Oregon State University Paradigms in Physics NSF APS AAPT ComPADRE