About Statistical and Thermal Physics

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The Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) Collection is designed to enhance the teaching of undergraduate thermal and statistical physics. Our goal is to promote innovation in all aspects of the teaching of statistical and thermal physics in the undergraduate curriculum, including computational projects, laboratory experiments, recent research developments, issues related to energy and the environment, and conceptually-based ways of presenting statistical physics and classical thermodynamics.

The foundational resources of the STP Collection are open source simulations with curricular material linked to the textbook, Thermal and Statistical Physics by Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik. The text will be published by Princeton University Press, but will remain freely available in the STP Collection.

To help users find relevant material, we have organized the collection by topic as well as by resource type: Books, Simulations, Teacher Resources, and Student Resources. A search of the collection includes keywords, subjects, authors, and descriptions of the resources. The Advanced Search provides the option to search Specific topics, Resource Type, and Grade Level, and searches of other ComPADRE collections.

Along with the description of a particular resource, the items in the STP Collection show links between related materials with descriptions of how the items are related. We will provide as much of this information as possible to enhance the usability of these resources.

Users of the STP Collection are encouraged to participate by suggesting materials for the collection, sharing comments, and building personal collections of materials they find most useful. Although anyone may search the database, this additional participation requires the creation of a user account, which is free and requires only a name and email address.

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