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T. Smith, W. Christensen, and J. Thompson
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T. Smith, W. Christensen, and J. Thompson, PERC 2009 Proceedings, 277-280.
We report the rationale behind and preliminary results from a guided-inquiry conceptual worksheet (a.k.a. tutorial) dealing with Carnot’s efficiency and the Carnot cycle. The…
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K. Forinash
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This resource is a simulation of an ideal Otto engine. The page explains the cycles of the engine, and the applet shows its cycles alongside a pressure vs. volume or temperature vs.…
American Journal of Physics
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H. Leff and W. Teeters, Am. J. Phys., 46 (1), 19-22 (1978).
The relation between the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of an air conditioner and the coefficient of performance (COP) of its refrigeration cycle is discussed. Two other efficiency…