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American Journal of Physics
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J. Tobochnik, H. Gould, and J. Machta, Am. J. Phys., 73 (8), 708-716 (2005).
This paper discusses several Monte Carlo algorithms and applications that are useful for understanding the concepts of temperature and chemical potential. We then introduce a…
American Journal of Physics
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C. Kautz, P. Heron, P. Shaffer, and L. McDermott, Am. J. Phys., 73 (11), 1064-1071 (2005).
Evidence from research indicates that many undergraduate science and engineering majors have seriously flawed microscopic models for the pressure and temperature in an ideal gas. In…
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S. Shamim, W. Zia, and M. Anwar; Publisher: LUMS School of Science and Engineering, Pakistan
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Describes an experiment to acquaint students with physical illustrations of concepts in Fourier analysis using a simple experimental setup involving wavelike behavior. In addition,…