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First Law

Heat Transfer, Internal Energy, Thermal Equilibrium, Adiabatic Processes


Probability Density, Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Gaussian Distribution, Central Limit Theorem, Random Walks, Information Theory


Ideal Gas, Lennard-Jones Potential, Bose Gas, Fermi Gas, Einstein Model, Debye Theory, Blackbody Radiation, Ising Model, Lattice Gas

Kinetic and Diffusive Processes

Thermal Conductivity, Diffusion, Correlation Function, Boltzmann Equation, Approach to Equilibrium, Ergodicity

  Thermal Properties of Matter

Temperature, Pressure, Low Temperatures

Second and Third Law

Entropy, Heat Engines, Refrigerators, Carnot Cycle, Second Law Formulations, Thermodynamic Potentials


Microstate, Macrostate, Density of States, Boltzmann Distribution, Partition Function, Chemical Potential

Phase Transitions

Phase Diagrams, First-Order Transitions, Continuous Transitions, Mean-Field Theory, Critical Point, Renormalization Group

Statistical Physics

Cellular Automata, Complex Systems

Other Subjects

Classical Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves, Electricity & Magnetism, Modern Physics, Quantum Physics, General Physics, Mathematical Tools, Other Sciences, Education Foundations, Education Practices