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The elusive chemical potential ` - May 7, 2017

This article provides three "meanings" for the chemical potential and gives two applications to illustrate the chemical potential in action.

Teaching Statistical Physics by Thinking about Models and Algorithms ` - May 1, 2017

This article discusses several ways of illustrating fundamental concepts in statistical and thermal physics by considering various models and algorithms. It emphasizes the importance of replacing students' incomplete mental images by models that are physically accurate.

STP Ising 1D Program ` - Jan 7, 2017

The STP 1D Ising program is a Monte Carlo simulation of a one-dimensional Ising model in equilibrium with a heat bath at temperature T using the Metropolis algorithm.

Concord Consortium: Molecular Workbench ` - Jul 2, 2012

Molecular Workbench (MW) provides visual, interactive computational experiments for teaching and learning science at many different levels (middle school students to university).

STP Eclipse Workspace ` - May 22, 2011

The STP Eclipse Workspace contains a ready to use Eclipse workspace with source code for Statistical and Thermal Physics (STP) programs by Jan Tobochnik and Harvey Gould.  Unzip this workspace and open it from within Eclipse to compile and run these programs.

Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool ` - Apr 1, 2011

Easy Java Simulations (EJS) is a Java program that enables both programmers and novices to quickly and easily build simulations.

STP Textbook: Table of Contents ` - Jan 11, 2010

The foundational resources of the STP Collection are open source simulations with curricular material linked to this textbook: Thermal and Statistical Physics by Harvey
Gould and Jan Tobochnik. The text will be published by Princeton University Press, but
will remain freely available in the STP Collection.