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STP Lennard-Jones Thermal Equilibrium Program

STP Lennard-Jones Thermal Equilibrium Program
The STP LJ Thermal Equilibrium program simulates the interaction between two systems of Lennard-Jones particles brought into thermal contact and is used to explore the nature of thermal equilibrium.

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The elusive chemical potential
This article provides three "meanings" for the chemical potential and gives two applications to illustrate the chemical potential in action.

Teaching Statistical Physics by Thinking about Models and Algorithms
This article discusses several ways of illustrating fundamental concepts in statistical and thermal physics by considering various models and algorithms. It emphasizes the importance of replacing students' incomplete mental images by models that are physically accurate.

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 Statistical and Thermal Physics

Text, simulation and other resources for Statistical and Thermal Physics by H. Gould and J. Tobochnik.

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Galton Board Model
A Galton board is a vertical board with n rows of pegs onto which the a ball drops and bounces down to the bottom (hitting either a peg to the right or left). It was created using the Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) modeling tool which allows to you to easily examine or modify the simulation if Ejs is installed.

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Simulations to explore basic concepts of probability and applied to simple systems from Chapter 3 of Statistical and Thermal Physics.

 Concepts of Probability