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Main Document

Multi Slit Particle Diffraction 

written by Wolfgang Christian

The Multiple Slit Particle Diffraction Model is a simulation that helps users visualize the behavior of matter and light in a multiple-slit diffraction experiment. It demonstrates how these particles can exhibit both wave-like and particle-like properties. Users can adjust the experiment parameters such as the number of slits N, the width of the slit D, the separation between the slits d, and the wavelength of the incident light N. All measurements are in micrometers. Additionally, the scale of the diffraction pattern can be modified by changing the distance between the screen and the slits L. Users can also toggle the light intensity curve on and off with the envelope checkbox.

Published February 23, 2023
Last Modified March 29, 2024

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Source Code Documents

Multiple Slit Particle Diffraction Source Code 

JavaScript EJS source code for the Multiple Slit Particle Diffraction simulation.

Last Modified February 25, 2024

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