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Entropy and Boltzmann's Distribution JS Model 

written by Fernando Silva Fernandes

This model simulates an isolated system of 1000 distinguishable and non-interacting molecules modeled as quantum harmonic oscillators, inspired by the article "A Computer Problem in Statistical Thermodynamics", P. Schettler, J. Chem. Education, 51, 250 (1974). Through successive random molecular jumps between the energy levels of the oscillators, the entropy of the system tends to a maximum and Boltzmann's distribution is approached. That is, the system evolves to the equilibrium state accordingly the 2 nd Law of thermodynamics. The model can be used as a complemental tool for teaching thermodynamics and statistical mechanics at undergraduate level, requiring only a browser to be executed.

Last Modified January 13, 2024

Source Code Documents

Entropy and Boltmann's Distribution Source Code 

EJS JavaScript source code for the Entropy and Boltmann's Distribution model.

Last Modified January 13, 2024