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Main Document

Plane oscillator: the relativistic and Newtonian point of view 

written by Kostas Papamichalis

The Relativistic Plane-Oscillator JS Model compares the motion of a Newtonian and a relativistic  plane oscillator.  The comparison of the two motions shows that the path of the relativistic oscillator, although plane and localized, is not in general, a closed curve like the corresponding path in the Newtonian model.

A supplemental document describing the theory and related exercise is provided.

Last Modified December 6, 2020

Supplemental Documents

Relativistic Plane-Oscillator Theory 

A supplemental document describing the  relativist plan-oscillator theory and related exercise.

Last Modified December 6, 2020

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Source Code Documents

Relativistic Plane-Oscillator Source Code 

Javascript Source code for EJS version 6.01 or above.

Last Modified December 6, 2020