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Charged Particle Scattering in a Central Field JS Model 

written by Kostas Papamichalis

Scattering in a Central Field simulates the scattering of N identical but distinct positive charged particles in a central electrostatic field. The simulation shows the paths of the particles and a circular screen where the particles impact. The impact parameter of each particle and the corresponding scattering-angle are calculated in real-time and recorded in the cells of a data table, attached to the virtual environment. The scattering angle is a function of the impact parameter.

The analytic expression of the scattering angle function depends on the structure of the target producing the field. From the recorded data the user can make models concerning the structure of the target, and then design and implement the appropriate experiments aiming at the confirmation of his or her conjectures. The supplemental pdf document summarizes the theory and provides exercises and activities for students.

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 license.

Last Modified October 29, 2020

Supplemental Documents

Central Force Scattering Simulation 

Theory, exercises, and activities to accompany the Central Force Scattering Simulation.

Last Modified October 25, 2020

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Source Code Documents

Charged Particle Scattering in a Central Field Source Code 

EJS Source Code for the Charged Particle Scattering program.

Last Modified October 29, 2020