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Four-Spring Accelerometer JS Model 

written by Wolfgang Christian

The Four-Spring Accelerometer mobile JavaScript Model shows how a mobile device detects acceleration.  The simulation displays the forces and dynamics of a small mass connected to four walls by springs and it is designed to use  the accelerometer on your mobile device to respond to the direction of the gravitation field g and the mobile device's xy-acceleration. You may need to lock the orientation of your screen to maintain a fixed view as you tilt your device. For use on computers without an accelerometer or for classroom use, uncheck Sensor to simulate a tilted device in the view.

The Four-Spring Accelerometer mobile JavaScript Model was developed using version 5 of the Easy Java Simulations (EJS 5) modeling tool. Although EJS is a Java program, EJS 5 creates stand-alone JavaScript programs that run in almost any browser.

Published October 11, 2016
Last Modified May 4, 2021

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Source Code Documents

Four Spring Accelerometer Source Code 

JavaScript EJS source code for Four Spring Accelerometer Model.

Last Modified January 5, 2024