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Main Document

Frogger JS Model 

written by Aaron Titus and Francisco Esquembre

The Frogger JavaScript model shows how to use EjsS to recreate a classic video game. The user must move the frog safely to a lily pad after crossing a road and a river. Aim for the yellow lily pad, which is selected randomly at the start of the game. The frog dies if it travels off the screen (to the left or to the right), if it is hit by a vehicle, or if it falls into the water. To get across the water, it must jump onto floating objects, including the turtles and fish

Last Modified November 19, 2015

Source Code Documents

Frogger Source Code 

This source code zip archive contains an XML representation of the Frogger JavaScript Model.   Unzip this archive in your EjsS workspace to compile and run this model using EjsS 5 or above.  Although EjsS is a Java program, EjsS 5 creates a standalone JavaScript program from this source code.

Last Modified November 19, 2015