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Main Document

Foucault precession in a simple system (Launcher) 

written by Praveen Bharadhwaj

A set of simulations packaged in an EJS Launcher. A very simple virtual system that helps derive the rate of Foucault precession in a direct way.

Last Modified August 18, 2014

Supplemental Documents

Foucault precession manifested in a simple system 

This article aims to answer the question, "What is the simplest system that embodies the essence of Foucault's pendulum?" We study a very elementary idealized system that exhibits a precession behavior analogous to the classic pendulum. The system consists of a particle without inertial mass, constrained to an inclined plane that rotates about a vertical axis. Insights gained from this analysis are used to understand the rate of precession in a straightforward way.

Last Modified August 21, 2014

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