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Magnetic Dipole Field 3D Model 

written by Wolfgang Christian

The Magnetic Dipole Field 3D Model displays the field lines and field vectors of a dipole located at the origin and oriented along the z-axis.  Users can compute the field line passing through a point by dragging the a marker within the 3D view.  Users can also visualize the field vectors in a plane passing though the center of the dipole.

The Magnetic Dipole Field 3D Model was developed using the Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) modeling tool.  It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive.  Double clicking the ejs_em_MagneticDipole3D.jar file will run the program if Java is installed.  EJS is a part of the Open Source Physics Project and is designed to make it easier to access, modify, and generate computer models.

Published August 11, 2012
Last Modified June 10, 2014

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Source Code Documents

Magnetic Dipole Field 3D Source Code 

The source code zip archive contains an XML representation of the EJS Falling Body on Magnetic Dipole Field 3D Model.  Unzip this archive in your EJS workspace to compile and run this model using EJS.

Last Modified August 11, 2012