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Gauss' Law - Point Charge 

published by the Boston University Physics Department
edited by Andrew Duffy
written by Renee Sweeney

This EJS (Easy Java Simulation) based simulation allows the user to investigate the effects of changing the radius of a Gaussian surface and of changing the charge of a point charge on the flux and electric field along the Gaussian surface. Users may run the simulations by downloading the jar file. A lesson plan and a student study guide are available at the mirror web site.

This resource is part of Project ITOP (Improving the Teaching of Physics), a graduate program offered at University of Massachusetts-Boston. The archived computer models are hosted and maintained as part of the BU Physics Simulation collection.

The materials in this collection were created with Easy Java Simulations (EJS), a modeling tool that allows users to easily generate modify and share computer models and simulations.

Last Modified January 27, 2011