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American Journal of Physics
written by Elena Gallo and Donald Marolf
This Resource Letter is designed to guide students, educators, and researchers through (some of) the literature on black holes. We discuss both the physics and astrophysics of black holes. We emphasize breadth over depth, and review articles over primary sources. We include resources ranging from nontechnical discussions appropriate for broad audiences to technical reviews of current research. Topics addressed include classification of stationary solutions, perturbations and stability of black holes, numerical simulations, collisions, the production of gravity waves, black-hole thermodynamics and Hawking radiation, quantum treatments of black holes, black holes in both higher and lower dimensions, and connections to nuclear and condensed-matter physics. On the astronomical end, we also cover the physics of gas accretion onto black holes, relativistic jets, gravitationally redshifted emission lines, evidence for stellar-mass black holes in binary systems and supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies, the quest for intermediate-mass black holes, the assembly and merging history of supermassive black holes through cosmic time, and their affects on the evolution of galaxies.
American Journal of Physics: Volume 77, Issue 4, Pages 294-307
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Galactic centre, accretion, astrophysical jets, binary stars, black holes, gravitation, gravitational red shift, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, physics education, stellar mass, supergiant stars
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