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written by David McIntyre
A course that uses spin as a fundamental system to study quantum measurements and time propagation.  A Java simulation of Stern-Gerlach systems allows students to create virtual experiments to explore the foundations of quantum mechanics.
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EPR paradox, spin dynamics
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From the Author's Course Notes (Author: David McIntyre)

The following is from the Preface of the Author's Course Notes:  This text was developed as part of a course on Spin and Quantum Measurement at Oregon State University. The course is part of the Paradigms in Physics project, which entailed a reform of the junior level physics curriculum. The Spin and Quantum Measurement course is an introduction to quantum mechanics through the analysis of sequential Stern-Gerlach spin measurements. The approach and material are based upon previous presentations of spin systems by Feynman, Sakurai, Cohen-Tannoudji, and Townsend. The postulates of quantum mechanics are illustrated through their manifestation in the simple spin 1/2 Stern-Gerlach experiments.

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PH425: Spin and Quantum Measurement:

Requires SPINS Java Homepage

PH425 is a quantum course based heavily on the SPINS Java software

relation by Bruce Mason
Is the Basis For Paradigms in Physics Summer Workshops 2006

The Spin and Quantum Measurement Paradigms  approach to quantum mechanics is presented in this workshop.

relation by Bruce Mason

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