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Investigation of Student Understanding of the Wave-Like Properties of Light and Matter ` - Oct 8, 2009

This research investigates student understanding of the properties of waves, including both light and the wave-like properties of quantum systems.

Quantiki ` - Feb 17, 2009

The Quantiki wiki provides information for quantum information science professionals and introductions to quantum concepts, as well as the Handbook of Quantum Information wiki.

QM Momentum Measurement Program ` - Jan 16, 2009

Simulate the quantum mechanical measurement of a bound particle, and the resultant time evolution.

From Einstein to Quantum Information ` - Oct 3, 2008

Anton Zeilinger, a leading expert on quantum information, describes recent experiments on quantum interference.

Open Source Physics ` - Aug 6, 2008

Open Source Physics materials are now available as a ComPADRE Collection.

Numerical Time Development in Quantum Mechanics Using a Reduced Hilbert Space Approach ` - Apr 13, 2008

This self-contained file contains Open Source Physics programs for the teaching of time evolution and visualization of quantum-mechanical bound states that appear in the American Journal of Physics theme issue on computational physics.

Open Source Physics: Quantum Mechanical Measurement ` - Dec 1, 2007

This collection of java simulations and teaching materials can be used to illustrate and explore important issues related to measurements on quantum systems.

SPINS Java Homepage ` - Nov 1, 2007

Simulation for studying the physics of quantum spins through a virtual Stern-Gerlach experiment.

Intuitive Quantum Physics ` - Jul 20, 2007

This active learning course is designed to introduce wave and quantum physics to non-science majors.

PH425: Spin and Quantum Measurement ` - Jun 26, 2007

This course develops quantum mechanics from the point of view of spin measurements. It uses an java Stern-Gerlach simulation throughout to develop the material and student understanding.

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