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published by the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program: Teach Engineering
This resource is a one-week experiential learning module for high school physics on the topic of spectroscopy. Students create a spectrograph prototype using their calculation of the angle that light is transmitted through a holographic diffraction grating. They then develop a ground-or-space-based mission to accommodate their spectrograph design.  Extensive background information is provided, along with printable student worksheets.  **NOTE: A basic understanding of trigonometry is a prerequisite.

This resource is part of the TeachEngineering digital library, which provides teacher-tested lessons designed to connect real-world experiences with curricular content in the K-12 science/math classroom.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
- Fundamentals
= Spectra
Education Practices
- Active Learning
= Inquiry Learning
Electricity & Magnetism
- Electromagnetic Radiation
= Electromagnetic Spectrum
- Diffraction
- Geometrical Optics
= Optical Instruments
- High School
- Instructional Material
= Best practice
= Lesson/Lesson Plan
= Problem/Problem Set
= Student Guide
Appropriate Courses Categories Ratings
- Conceptual Physics
- Algebra-based Physics
- AP Physics
- Lesson Plan
- Activity
- Laboratory
- Assessment
- New teachers
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