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published by the Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska
written by Kevin M. Lee
This simulation explores the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and those topics necessary to understand the diagram. These topics include the different kinds of spectrum, spectral classification, and luminosity class. This module provides a fairly in-depth tutorial in reading HR diagrams. The user can change the temperature and lumonisity of the star and see how its position changes on the HR diagram.

Instructor resources are available including student manuals, assessment materials, and a list of the assumptions used.

This is part of a collection of astronomy applets.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
- Fundamentals
= Spectra
- Stars
= Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
- High School
- Lower Undergraduate
- Informal Education
- Upper Undergraduate
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Interactive Simulation
Appropriate Courses Categories Ratings
- Physical Science
- Physics First
- Conceptual Physics
- Algebra-based Physics
- AP Physics
- Lesson Plan
- Activity
- New teachers
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