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written by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni
The Physlet Physics Section 3: Waves, provides a technology-enhanced introduction to topics in introductory mechanics on oscillations and waves. Interactive javascript simulations are used to illustrate and explore  concepts of periodic and harmonic motion, waves, and sound.

The third edition of Physlet Physics has all simulations re-written in javascript so that they can now be used on all devices including tablets and smart phones.

Each chapter is broken into three types of resources. Illustrations provide a introduction to the topic through simulations. Explorations are tutorials guiding students through deeper investigations of the topic. Problems are simulation-based homework. Many chapters also include downloadable worksheets to supplement the simulations.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
Oscillations & Waves
- General
- Oscillations
= Hooke's Law
= Simple Harmonic Motion
- Wave Motion
= Doppler Effect
= Interference and Diffraction of Sound
- Lower Undergraduate
- High School
- Collection
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Course
= Interactive Simulation
= Problem/Problem Set
= Tutorial
Appropriate Courses Categories Ratings
- Physical Science
- Conceptual Physics
- Algebra-based Physics
- AP Physics
- Activity
- New teachers
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