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The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project: Online Labs for Introductory Astronomy - May 31, 2017

Planning a unit on Astronomy? Don't miss these simulation-based modules. Superior quality, fun, and adaptable for grades 8-12. Includes assessments.

Concord Consortium: SmartGraphs - May 31, 2017

These digital SmartGraphs accept student inputs, then provide scaffolding to promote deep understanding of the meaning behind the graphs. Classroom tested.

Interactive Video Vignettes - May 31, 2017

IVV combines video analysis and conceptual physics questions, each designed to promote understanding of difficult concepts.

Mobile Device Models - May 31, 2017

Turn your smartphone into a robust tool for data collection! This resource provides 8 simulations that use a mobile device accelerometer to sense motion.

Virtual Microscope - Mar 26, 2017

Robust free tool to explore high-resolution images produced by electron, fluorescence, and atomic force microscopes. Datasets are shared via Java RE.

Concord Consortium: Electrostatics - Mar 26, 2017

Exemplary digital lesson provides a rich way for students to visualize charge interaction and explore Coulomb's Law at the atomic level. Allow one full class period.

Concord Consortium: Energy2D - Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone - Jan 23, 2017

Free, simulation tool developed to help students grasp underlying concepts necessary to approach and solve heat transfer problems.

MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos - Sep 10, 2016

Beautifully-crafted videos to help kids visualize motion, wave interactions, electricity, and magnetism. Superb videography; easy to embed.

Tracker Video Modeling: Combining Simulations with Traditional Video Analysis - Aug 17, 2015

Tracker Video Analysis gives students a real edge over traditional video modeling. First, capture a digital file, calibrate scale, and define axes. Now the fun part: students define force expressions & initial conditions, then watch the model draw and overlay itself on the video. Great way to directly compare the model with real-world motion!

Periodic Table Live! - Mar 25, 2015

Excellent interactive resource for exploring the Periodic Table through image sets, videos, and 3D illustrations. Covers a broad range of information about the elements and their properties.

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