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Data Tool JS 

written by Douglas Brown, Robert Hanson, and Wolfgang Christian

Data Tool is a data analysis tool for plotting and fitting data from laboratory experiments, simulations, video analysis, or any other data set organized into columns.  Data Tool allows the user to plot multiple columns, control the appearance and scale of plots, view statistics, measure slope and area, manually or automatically fit built-in and user-defined functions to experimental data, and define new columns as functions of existing columns.  See the Data Tool online help for additional information.

The Java implementation of the Data Tool program was written by Doug Brown at Cabrillo College using portions of the Open Source Physics code library developed by Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College. Data Tool was later converted from Java to JavaScript by Doug Brown, Wolfgang Christian and Robert Hanson using the href="https://chemapps.stolaf.edu/swingjs/site/swingjs/examples/about.html">SwingJS system developed by Hanson and his students at St. Olaf College. This web page runs the JavaScript conversion.

Published July 21, 2020
Last Modified January 4, 2022

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