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Analog-To-Digital Science: Modeling Binary Coding and the CD Read System ` - Oct 30, 2023

5-day module for HS Physics uses modeling and hands-on investigation to explore how digital signals are created from analog information. Lessons can be adapted for a variety of learning levels from Physics First to Algebra-Based Physics courses.

Physics for Video Games ` - Jan 1, 2023

One-semester course introduces physics through the focus of video games. Developed by physics education researcher Aaron Titus.

General Atomics Sciences: It's a Colorful Life ` - Mar 16, 2020

This multi-day inquiry-based module on light and color includes a wealth of teacher and student guides and information. Topics include absorption, emission, additive and subtractive color, color mixing along with several hands-on activities. This resource is appropriate for students in grades 8-12.

Physics for the 21st Century: Gravity ` - Nov 1, 2019

In many ways the dominant force in the universe, gravity is also the weakest of the four forces known in nature. This multimedia module for high school explores gravity through video clips, animations, written text, and interactive tutorial.

Newton's Laws of Motion: Shared Folder Learning Sequence ` - Nov 2, 2018

These elements of Tom Henderson's shared folder on The Physics front contains resources relating to Newton's Laws.

Roller Coaster Model ` - Sep 10, 2016

This roller coaster model was created using Easy Java Simulations tool. Users can also create their own roller coaster curve and observe the resulting kinetic, potential and total energies.

Cirque du Circuit: A Model Unit on Electric Circuits ` - May 1, 2015

A turn-key module for grades 9-12: introduces learners to concepts of electricity through animated tutorials, online circuit building, and problem-based labs in which they apply their knowledge to build an alarm system and more. The unit culminates with a look at the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.

Concord Consortium: Electric Current ` - Feb 1, 2015

Students of all ages, even after instruction, often have inaccurate beliefs about electric current that are highly resistant to change. This well-sequenced resource for Grades 9-12 will help them understand how current is different from voltage, and visualize how the movement of electrons is related to conductivity.

Nature of Light: A Model Unit for Grades 7-8 ` - Feb 1, 2014

Light is so much more than what we perceive with our eyes. The The Physics Front editors developed this standards-based multimedia learning module for grades 7-8. Simulations and hands-on labs let kids explore the EM spectrum, light reflection and refraction, color, wavelength, and frequency.

CERN: Antimatter Teaching Module ` - Jun 6, 2012

Brought to you by CERN are high school level teaching modules about matter/anti-matter. Included are compelling tutorials to help students grasp the concepts surrounding elementary particles and their interations.

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