Problem 1.2: Getting data from an animation to a graph

t = | x =

Please wait for the animation to completely load.

A toy yellow Lamborghini moves across the screen as shown in the animation (position is given in centimeters and time is given in seconds).

Take data from the animation and create a position vs. time graph. To add data to the graph, type your (t, x) data into the text boxes and then click the "add datum" button. Use the "clear graph" button to start another graph.

Once you have taken enough data (you need more than five data points), use the "linear regression" button to calculate and plot the linear regression. If you later add data the regression line and values from the table are removed and you must redo the regression. Restart.

  1. Report the slope and intercept of the graph.
  2. What do these two values represent regarding the motion of the toy Lamborghini?

When you get a good-looking graph, right-click on it to clone the graph and resize it for a better view.