Exploration 4.3: Change the Force Applied to Get to the Goal

check, then pick a force to see "ghost" images set at equal time intervals to mark the path of the ball.

Please wait for the animation to completely load.

Drag the crosshair cursor close to the black ball (position is given in meters and time is given in seconds). Notice that the cursor exerts a force, that is, a push or a pull, on the ball depending on the force you select. The ball will bounce off the purple spheres and will bounce off the soft walls around the animation. The animation will end if the ball hits either rectangle. The blue arrow represents the net force. Restart.

  1. Try to get the ball to hit the green rectangle and not the red rectangle.
  2. Given an applied force, how does the ball move?
  3. Does the ball always move the way you expect? Why or why not?

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