Each exercise in Physlet® Physics 3E contains explicit credits regarding the authorship of the script, the narrative, and the Java applet. Unless otherwise stated, all of the curricular material appearing in Physlet® Physics 3E (the Illustrations, Explorations, and Problems) is authored by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni and all of the applets are authored by Wolfgang Christian and his students at Davidson College.

The following authors have contributed curricular material (unless otherwise stated, the author of the Illustration, Exploration, or Problem narrative is also the script author): Chuck Bennett, Scott Bonham, Morten Brydensholt, Anne J. Cox, Melissa Dancy, Dwain Desbien, Andrew Duffy, Fu-Kwun Hwang, William Junkin, Steve Mellema, Chuck Niederriter, Evelyn Patterson, Peter Sheldon, Aaron Titus, and Toon Van Hoecke.

The following authors have contributed Java applets: Harry Broeders, the CoLoS consortium, Fu-Kwun Hwang, Ernesto Martin, Toon Van Hoecke, and Vojko Valencic.

We especially thank Robert Hansen (St. Olaf College) for the collaboration in converting out Java-based Physlet materials to JavaScript.

We also thank Davidson College Physics majors, Aiden Edmonson and Ricky Davidson, who along with Wolfgang Christian did all the "heavy lifting" of the conversion of all 800 Physlet Physics pages.

Except for the exercises placed in the public domain, Physlet® Physics 3E, i.e., the text and associated script for the Illustrations, Explorations, and Problems in Physlet® Physics 3E are copyrighted by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni in the English language and for all other languages. The HTML pages for public domain Physlet-based exercises are are marked near the bottom of the individual html pages on which they appear.

Physlets, i.e., the Java applets themselves, are authored by Wolfgang Christian and his students at Davidson College. The term Physlet® is a registered trademark of Wolfgang Christian. Physlets, that is the Java applets themselves but not the Physlet Physics scripts or narrative, are free for noncommercial use as described on the Conditions of Use page.

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