Problem 30.1f: Draw the schematic diagram

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Make selections and click here to calculate currents.

Unscrew Bulb1 Unscrew Bulb2 Unscrew Bulb3 Unscrew Bulb4 Unscrew Bulb5 Unscrew Bulb6

Bulb is unscrewed when checked, screwed in if not checked.
Unscrewed bulbs are drawn in teal. Bulb color represents brightness otherwise.

You are given arrangements of identical lightbulbs with the wires connecting them hidden from view. Determine how the lightbulbs are connected by unscrewing and/or screwing the bulbs. All bulbs are initially screwed in their sockets, and the current through each bulb is given in the table (current is given in amperes). Restart.

Draw a schematic diagram representing the hidden circuit for each animation.

a) Circuit 1 - Three Bulbs
b) Circuit 2 - Three Bulbs
c) Circuit 3 - Four Bulbs
d) Circuit 4 - Four Bulbs
e) Circuit 5 - Five Bulbs
f) Circuit 6 - Six Bulbs
g) Circuit 7 - Six Bulbs

Problem authored by Melissa Dancy.
Script authored by Wolfgang Christian and Melissa Dancy.

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