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Physlet® Quantum Physics 2E: Special Relativity

Chapter 2: Space and Time in Special Relativity

Special relativity, along with quantum mechanics, is considered a cornerstone of modern physics. In fact, the combination of special relativity and quantum mechanics yields relativistic quantum mechanics. While this book is not a book on relativistic quantum mechanics,1 the knowledge of basic relativity is important for the understanding of quantum mechanics.

Chapter 3: Relativistic Mechanics

In introductory physics, we often begin with kinematics and then use those concepts in Newtonian mechanics. We will do something similar here. Now that we understand special relativity and its implications for space and time, we need to examine its implications for mechanics particularly for relativistic momentum and energy. We will also explore measurements of the wavelength and/or frequency of light produced by moving sources (the relativistic Doppler effect).

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