Section 4.2: Exploring Wien's Displacement Law

temperature =  K

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Planck's blackbody radiation law,

u(λ) = 8πhcλ−5/(ehckBT − 1),

describes how the energy density per wavelength, u(λ), varies with wavelength. You may have noticed that for a given temperature, T, this curve has a maximum energy density per wavelength at a given wavelength. This wavelength, λmax, depends on the temperature given by the relationship λmaxT = constant. The relationship between λmax and temperature is called Wien's displacement law. Restart.

Vary the temperature using the text box and the "set temperature" button to verify Wien's displacement law.  What is the constant in Wien's displacement law?  Hint: Plot λmax (in meters) versus 1/T and determine the slope of this graph.

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