Instructions for Authoring

Authoring an Exercise Set

We welcome and encourage the submission of Exercise Sets! There are two ways to submit a PICUP Exercise Set.

Using a web form

If you use the web form, you will enter information about the activity online including its:

  • Full name, an abbreviation, and reference
  • Author(s) name, website, and contact information
  • Subject, course level
  • Learning objectives
  • Description, Instructor's Guide, Theory, and Pseudocode
  • Exercises and Solutions

The editor is straightforward and uses Markdown. WAIT, I don't know Markdown. No problem, you can learn it about 20 minutes.

In addition to Markdown, you may also embed TeX equations like $v^{2}$.

If you start entering an activity online, you do not need to complete it in one sitting. You may return at a later date and restart at your last save point.

Login to PICUP to visit the web form.

Using a Markdown template

You may also use a markdown template to control most of the elements of an exercise set without being logged in online.

Simply download the Plain Markdown Template and open it in your local text editor. (If your exercise includes images, use the Zip Markdown Template and place your graphics in the images/ directory.)

You will see a template like this:

  1. =$= Title
  2. 1D Falling Sphere
  4. =$= Author
  5. K. Roos
  7. =$= Description
  8. =$= LearningObjectives
  9. =$= InstructorGuide
  10. =$= Theory
  11. =$= Exercises
  12. =$= Pseudocode
  13. =$= Solutions
  14. =$= TextbookConnections

In addition to Markdown, you may embed TeX equations like $v^{2}$.

Once your template is ready, upload it to the server. You will be taken to the web form to add additional information and to review how each section appears online.

Once the submission is ready, you can send it to the editors and they will get back to you on whether any additional information is needed.

Use the Markdown Uploader