PICUP Review-A-Thon at the Summer 2019 AAPT Meeting

We will be hosting a PICUP Review-A-Thon on the afternoon of Sunday, July 21 at the AAPT Meeting in Provo, Utah.  The purpose of this Review-A-Thon is to get people together for some focused time to complete reviews of some of the Exercise Sets that have been submitted for publication in the PICUP Collection.

UVU Campus

Location:  Utah Valley University (UVU) in the Science Building (SB). Note: This is NOT where the main AAPT meeting is taking place.  UVU is where the workshops are taking place on Sunday, July 21, and shuttles are provided to and from the UVU.  Please see the shuttle schedule for details.

Additional location details: We will meet in room SB 261. The Science Building (SB) is right next door to the "Pope Science Building".  So you will need to go into SB, not PS.  

Time:  2 PM - 5 PM.  We will plan to have lunch on/near the UVU campus before the Review-A-Thon.

Contact:  If you are interested in joining us for the Review-A-Thon, please contact Larry Engelhardt at lengelhardt@fmarion.edu