SPECIAL PICUP Synchronous Meeting

ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter Webinar 

Incorporating Computation in the Physics Curriculum – 2nd Session

Friday, December 6, 2019

11 AM Pacific / 12 PM Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern / 7 PM GMT

The ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter is pleased to announce a series of webinars addressing the incorporation of computational and data analytics tools, resources, and methods within STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses.

On Friday, December 6, we will conduct a second discussion of physics education. Dr. Robert M. Panoff and Dr. Kelly Roos will describe their approaches for engaging students in learning about computational physics. 

Following the presentations, there will be an open discussion for attendees to discuss the challenges, strategies, and opportunities for preparing physics students to pursue additional physics courses and careers that utilize computational and data analytics methods to advance discovery.

We welcome everyone to join this webinar and actively participate in the discussion. 

Please share with others who may be interested!

Future webinars will address curricular approaches in other disciplines. We welcome offers from faculty who would like to present challenges and solutions being pursued in all disciplines.

To participate: 

Friday, December 6, 2019

11 AM Pacific / 12 PM Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern / 7 PM GMT

            Join URL:  https://zoom.us/j/342397220

            Meeting ID: 342-397-220

The following are bios for the speakers.

 Dr. Robert M. Panoff

Dr. Robert M. Panoff is founder and Executive Director of the Shodor Education Foundation (http://www.shodor.org/), a non-profit education and research corporation in Durham, NC, dedicated to reform and improvement of mathematics and science education through computational and communication technologies. He serves as Undergraduate Education Director for both XSEDE (eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment - https://www.xsede.org/) and the Blue Waters Petascale Computing effort (https://bluewaters.ncsa.illinois.edu/), both in partnership with the NCSA (http://www.ncsa.illinois.edu/) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). He is currently Visiting Professor at Wofford College (https://www.wofford.edu/). His work explores the interactions between technology and education to develop courses and interactive simulation modules that combine standards, curriculum, supercomputing resources and desktop computers. Additional information about Dr. Panoff is posted at https://www.shodor.org/about/board/panoff/.

Dr. Kelly Roos 

Dr. Kelly Roos is a Professor of Physics and Mechanical Engineering at Bradley University (https://www.bradley.edu/), where he has been integrating computational activities into physics and engineering courses at all levels since he arrived there in 1993. He was recognized in 2006 for "Pioneering Work in Computational Physics Education" by Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine (https://www.computer.org/csdl/magazines/cs). He is currently the Chair of the Leadership Council of the Partnership for Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics (PICUP - https://www.compadre.org/PICUP/), an organization of STEM faculty from around the US that are dedicated to positively transforming undergraduate STEM curricula through supporting faculty in their efforts to include computation in their courses. Additional information about Dr. Roos is posted at https://www.bradley.edu/academic/colleges/egt/administration/profile.dot?id=8f310b0a-adab-40a3-9c78-e2a2977d8521.