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PICUP Virtual Meeting
PICUP Fall 2023 Webinar Series: Pivot Interactives
Matt Vonk and Peter Bohacek
Matt Vonk, UW River Falls
Peter Bohacek, Pivot Interactives

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 @ 5:00pm PDT | 6:00pm MDT | 7:00pm CDT | 8:00pm EDT

Webinar transcript

Zoom meeting ID: 958 2166 1854
Passcode: 101840

Pivot Interactives is an online platform created by and for teachers.  Pivot lets students engage with real phenomena and lets them put their science skills into practice.  This webinar will highlight the power of interactive video and provide ideas for how to harness that power throughout the instructional cycle, e.g., using Pivot to introduce a new concept, to apply knowledge to relevant real-world situations, or to provide authentic assessments.  In many cases, students can not only discover the basic laws of physics on their own, but they can push farther to see how and why those simple models start to fall short.  Participation and questions encouraged!
August 22, 2023