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  • PICUP Fall Webinar Series: A Beginner's Guide to PICUP

    September 29, 2021
    5:00 PM Pacific | 6:00 PM Mountain | 7:00 PM Central | 8:00 PM Eastern
    Zoom Link: https://csuchico.zoom.us/j/84982761396?pwd=UElBRmVzLzhlcDI0MnlGbXpqVWttdz09

    The Partnership for Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics’ (PICUP) mission is described in its name, but how exactly do we do that? You probably know some of what PICUP does, but did you know that we:

    * Host in-person and online intensive faculty development workshops each summer?

    * Have regular webinars during the academic year?

    * Curate an ever-growing collection of pedagogical resources?

    * Host a vibrant online community of computational physics enthusiasts?

    * Have been supported by NSF funding?

    Join us to explore what PICUP does and see how you (or any colleagues you invite) can get involved in the partnership!

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Michele Montgomery
How/what inspired you to get into teaching computation?

I don't teach computation as a course. However, I do include some computation assignments in general education courses like Astronomy to… more>
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