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  • Greater Chicagoland PICUP Workshop 2019

    A day-and-a-half long conference on improving students' physics learning experience through integrating computational activities into high school and undergraduate physics courses, with some other good stuff on improving pedagogy in STEM courses thrown in.
    Dates: September 20-21, 2019
    Location: Lewis University, Main Academic Building, Room AS-158-A

    Calling all physics educators from around the Chicagoland area that want to energize their physics courses! The scope of this workshop is appropriate for physics teachers from high schools, 2-year colleges, and 4-year colleges and universities. Those who attended last year's Chicagoland PICUP workshop are welcome (and encouraged!) to return, as we're offering an expanded program.
  • PICUP Capstone Conference 2020

    PICUP Capstone Conference: What has been accomplished, and what does the future hold?
    Dates: July 15-18, 2020
    Location: Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI

    In this conference, PICUPers will share what we have accomplished, and we will discuss how to move forward into the future.
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PICUP Member Spotlight

Brandon Lunk
After a few false-starts as an undergraduate, I finally found inspiration from computation in graduate school working on the Matter and Interactions project with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood. For… more>

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