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written by Michael C. Wittmann and Bradley S. Ambrose
supported by the National Science Foundation
This set of tutorial materials covers the topic of velocity dependent forces. Students examine qualitatively and quantitatively the motion of objects being acted upon by a velocity dependent force, exemplified by the motion of objects experiencing air resistance. Students analyze and solve the equations of motion to develop an understanding of the physical parameters in the problem. This material includes a tutorial, pretest, homework, test questions, and instructor notes.

This is part of a large collection of tutorial materials in intermediate classical mechanics.
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Classical Mechanics
- Applications of Newton's Laws
= Friction
Fluid Mechanics
- Dynamics of Fluids
= Viscosity
- Upper Undergraduate
- Instructional Material
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= Lesson/Lesson Plan
= Problem/Problem Set
= Tutorial
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By using any project materials, you agree to the user license. The user license includes sending Bradley S. Ambrose or Michael C. Wittmann an email notifying them that you are using the materials, re-publishing any modifications you make by sending them via email, and sending any pretest, homework, and post-test data as appropriate. Full details are available here.
This material is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. Additional information is available.
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Bradley Ambrose and Michael Wittmann
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air resistance, drag, friction, terminal speed
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Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials: Velocity-Dependent Forces:

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