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written by Kyle Forinash and Wolfgang Christian
This is a collection of interactive tutorials on the fundamentals of waves. The author's emphasis is on properties/behaviors of waves which are hard to understand by looking at a textbook page; for example, wave interference, collision with boundaries (reflection), the motion of water waves, and addition of linear waves.  Each of the 32 tutorials contains an interactive simulation of the wave process being discussed, plus a set of problems to encourage self-paced exploration. The lessons begin with very simple wave properties and end with an examination of nonlinear wave behavior.  They are available both as Java Applets and as JavaScript sims.

This Waves Tutorial is available as an online AAPT/ComPADRE book and in Apple iTunes.  

The JavaScript simulations in this tutorial were developed using the Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (EjsS) version 5 authoring tool.  Although EjsS is a Java program, it can create stand alone JavaScript programs that run in almost any PC or tablet.
34 supplemental documents are available
2 source code documents are available
Subjects Levels Resource Types
Education Practices
- Active Learning
= Modeling
- Geometrical Optics
- Polarization
Oscillations & Waves
- General
- Wave Motion
= Doppler Effect
= Impedance and Dispersion
= Interference and Diffraction
= Longitudinal Pulses and Waves
= Phase and Group Velocity
= Reflection and Refraction (Sound)
= Standing Waves
= Transverse Pulses and Waves
- Upper Undergraduate
- High School
- Lower Undergraduate
- Collection
- Instructional Material
= Interactive Simulation
= Tutorial
Intended Users Formats Ratings
- Learners
- Educators
- application/java
- text/html
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