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Phases of Moon Model Relations

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relation created by Mario Belloni

The Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool is needed to explore the computational model used in the EJS Phases of the Moon Model.

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relation created by wee lookang

This is a remix based on this applet. Changes made are:
1. Added earth png from Wikipedia
2. Used gimp to make the background transparent
3. Made the moon png background transparent
4. Redesigned the buttons controls slider to the bottom
5. Color scheme the background of button, etc.
6. Added earth-moon line for visualization and aiding the recording the overhead time for each day. refer to worksheet from osp
7. Added day field for visualization the day the various phases occurs if the new moon is day 0
8. Added text for phases of moon
9. Added yellow text to make applet more quickly contextualized Earth view of the Moon and the Orbit view of the moon
10. Added day and night model of the background of the earth view of the moon
11. Added blind spot model where observer cannot see the moon
12. Added color associated green=can see moon from observer location, red=cannot see
13. Added reset button
14. Added hints to all checkbox buttons slider etc, for just in time help

relation created by Todd Timberlake

This web page is a curriculum resource that links to the EJS Phases of the Moon model.

Phases of Moon Model covers the same topic as ASPIRE: Lunar Phases
relation created by Caroline Hall

This is an inquiry-based tutorial for grades 6-9 on the topic of moon phases. Students work with partially-competed diagrams to understand how the Earth's rotation, moon's orbit around Earth, and reflected sunlight all come together to produce a "changing" moon.

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