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Folder Astronomy 105  (2 resources, 20 subfolders)
Materials in Support of a College-Level Introductory Astronomy Course at Davidson College.

A survey of the current scientific view of the Universe. Emphasis on the physical and mathematical principles necessary to understand how astronomers observe and interpret phenomena. Topics include the historical development of major astronomical theories, the interaction of light and matter, the life cycle of stars, and the structure and evolution of the Universe.  No laboratory.
Astronomy 105 Course Home Page
This website is the course homepage for the Davidson College Astronomy (PHY 105) course from the Spring of 2012 taught by Mario Belloni.  Many of the following materials were used in the teaching of this course during the spring of 2012.
Davidson College Astrophotography Project
For the past year, as part of teaching the astronomy class (PHY 105), we have been taking astrophotographs. Follow the link to see both our personal and student photos taken in Davidson, NC either on campus or at the Pine Road Observatory.

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