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Spectroscopy Using the Tracker Video Analysis Program Documents

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Spectroscopy Using the Tracker Video Analysis Program 

written by Douglas Brown

Spectroscopy has important applications in many fields and deserves more attention than is the norm in introductory optics labs. This poster describes a set of inexpensive, quantitative spectroscopy experiments that use a digital camera to capture images of spectra and Tracker to measure their intensity profiles. The spectra, produced by a diffraction grating in front of the camera lens, include two laser spots with known wavelengths for calibration. Tracker's line profile tool generates a "live" plot of relative intensity versus wavelength, enabling students to interactively explore the spectra in detail. Experiments include gas and laser line spectra, thermal spectra, color filters and absorption, and fluorescence. Supported in part by NSF grant #DUE-0126439

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