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Ejs model of a parallel-plate capacitor Documents

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Main Document

Ejs model of a parallel-plate capacitor 

written by Andrew Duffy

A capacitor is a device for storing charge. In this simulation, you can investigate a relatively simple capacitor, known as a parallel-plate capacitor. It consists of two identical metal plates, placed parallel to one another. The capacitor can be charged by connecting one plate to the positive terminal of a battery and the other plate to the negative terminal. In this situation, the battery acts as a pump, pumping electrons from one capacitor plate to the other until the potential difference across the capacitor matches the battery voltage. Use this simulation to see how you can maximize the charge stored, the capacitance, the potential difference, the electric field, and the energy stored.

Last Modified February 24, 2016

Supplemental Documents

Ejs Parallel Plate Capacitor Worksheet 

A pdf document that briefly describes the Ejs Parallel Plate Capacitor Model.  It contains exercises for use with the ejs_bu_Capacitor.jar file.

Published June 8, 2008
Last Modified July 13, 2008

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