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Teaching Harmonic Motion Online Using Tracker Documents

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Main Document

Teaching Harmonic Motion Online Using Tracker 

written by Kathleen M. Koenig and Sarah Baker

A University of Cincinnati physics laboratory that demonstrates how Tracker, together with prerecorded videos, can be used to deliver online force and motion experiments that maintain the rigor and essential features of in-person labs.  The  Harmonic Motion experiment is organized around a central research question that explicitly targets causal and hypothetical reasoning embedded in cycles of inquiry, reflection, evaluation, and communication of outcomes.  

Supplemental documents available here include:

  • A Tracker trz archive with sample videos and student handouts.
  • Harmonic and motion videos in zip archives.
  • Harmonic Motion instructions.
  • Harmonic Motion handout.
  • Instructor notes.

See The Physics Teacher paper titled "Maintaining Essential Course Features When Moving Introductory Physics Labs Online" by Kathleen Koenig and Sarah Baker for a detailed description of the online course.


Published May 25, 2022
Last Modified May 24, 2022

Primary Documents

Harmonic Motion Instructions 

Instructions for how to use the prerecorded videos of the experiments you would have conducted in lab had the
course not been online this term.  These instructions will be similar to how Tracker was used in previous University of Cincinnati labs but there are some differences, particularly starting with Step 6. Also, be sure to read the Tips at the end of this document.

Last Modified May 24, 2022

This file is included in the full-text index.

Supplemental Documents (3)

Labs 6 and 7: Simple Harmonic Motion 

Student handout for Harmonic Motion lab This handout is also packaged in the Lab 6 Tracker Exeriment trz file.

Last Modified May 24, 2022

This file is included in the full-text index.

Lab 6 and 7 videos 

Prerecorded videos for analysis.

Last Modified May 24, 2022

Restricted document Lab 6 and 7 Instructor Notes 
This supplemental document is available to registered comPADRE users
In order to access this file, please Login to the Open Source Physics collection.

Student handout for Lab 6 and 7 with additional instructor notes.

  • .pdf file (479 kb Adobe PDF Document)

Last Modified May 24, 2022

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