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Ising JS Model Documents

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Ising JS Model 

written by Wolfgang Christian

The Ising JavaScript simulation implements a simple nontrivial model that has a phase transition and is one of most important models in statistical mechanics. The model consists of spins located on a lattice such that each spin can take on one of two values designated as up and down or ±1. The interaction energy between two neighboring spins is -J if the two spins are in the same state and +J if they are in opposite states. The Ising model undergoes a phase transition between an ordered and a disordered phase in two dimensions or more.

The Ising Model program was developed by Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College using the Open Source Physics Java code library. It is based on a Java program from An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods.  It was converted from Java to JavaScript using the system developed at St. Olaf College and Robert Hanson.

Published August 20, 2020
Last Modified August 22, 2020

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