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Diabolo Challenge at University of Oviedo Documents

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Main Document

Diabolo Challenge at University of Oviedo 

written by O. Folgueiras, S. Sanjurjo, L. Secades, A. Garcia Fuente, M. Ferrero, R. Garcia, A. Gonzalez, C. Miranda, E. Dosal, and Maria Velez

The motion of a papercup diabolo glider is a classical example of the combined effect of Magnus Force, viscous friction and gravity. First year Math and Physics students at Universidad de Oviedo have recorded these videos of diabolo gliders and analyzed their trajectories with Tracker as a part of a class Challenge. Loops and cusps are observed at the initial stages of the glider motion. Then, the diabolo glider enters into a uniform rectilinear motion when Magnus and viscous forces cancel the effect of gravity. High speed videos also allow to characterize the glider rotation around its center of mass with constant angular speed.

Last Modified June 20, 2020

Supplemental Documents

Diabolo Challenge Documentation 

A description of the motion of a paper cup diabolo glider Tracker Experiment.

Last Modified July 7, 2020

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