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Wigner Function and Phase Space JS Documents

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Wigner Function and Phase Space JS 

written by Wolfgang Christian, Robert Hanson, and Mario Belloni

The Wigner Function and Phase Space JS program displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function and the associated quasi-probability distribution in phase space via the Wigner function.  The default wave function is a Gaussian wave packet in an Infinite square well (ISW).  Additional potential functions can be loaded via XML configuration files.

The Wigner Function program was developed by Wolfgang Christian (Davidson College) using the Open Source Physics Java code library and published by Mario Belloni (Davidson College) and Wolfgang Christian in a package for the teaching of the time evolution and visualization of energy eigenstates and their superpositions in quantum mechanics https://www.compadre.org/osp/items/detail.cfm?ID=7302. It was converted from Java to JavaScript by Wolfgang Christian and Robert Hanson (St. Olaf College) using the SwingJS system developed at St. Olaf College.

Published March 2, 2020
Last Modified March 2, 2020

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