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Optics Bench JS Documents

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Optics Bench JS 

written by Wolfgang Christian and Michael J. Lee

The Optics Bench JavaScript Physlet allows users to add various optical elements (lens, mirror, and aperture) and light sources (beam, object, point source) and see their effect. Elements and sources can be added to the optics bench by clicking on the appropriate button and then clicking inside the simulation at the desired location. Moving the mouse shows position, while a click-drag will measure angle.

The Optics Bench Physlet is distributed as web page that is also a Progressive Web Application (PWA).  A PWA is a type of mobile app that is delivered through the web, that can work off-line, and that can be installed on a user's home screen. PWAs are built using industry-standard web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  

The Optics Bench Java Physlet was developed in Java by Mike Lee and Wolfgang Christian.  It was converted from Java to JavaScript by W. Christian using the SwingJS system developed at St. Olaf College.

Last Modified January 10, 2020

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